We still live in a world in which a significant fraction of people, including women, believe that a woman belongs and wants to belong exclusively in the home.

Rosalyn Sussman


The core purpose of WEM-International is found in its Mission.  The Mission defines what WEM-International does, for whom it functions, how it functions, and what is the benefit of the Association.  The Mission of WEM-International is defined as follows:

“To remove barriers to women’s full participation in electoral management and electoral processes by advocating, inspiring and empowering women through networking, sharing of innovative best practices, raising awareness, education, training, and equipping electoral management processes with tools and techniques to enable representative and gender-sensitive electoral management processes”.


A Vision Statement sets a goal for the future – it states what the future will look like if WEM-International can achieve its Mission.  The Vision of WEM-International provides as follows:

“Women’s full participation at all levels of electoral management has been achieved; WEM-International is a globally recognized advocate for gender equality; and a leader in gender-sensitizing EMBs.”


The following are the core values and beliefs of WEM-International which indicate what it stands for, what drives its priorities, and what guides its daily interaction in the implementation of its Mission to achieve its Vision:      

 P - Participation
 A  - Awareness/Advocacy
 R  - Representation
 I  - Inclusiveness/Innovation/Integrity
 T   - Transformation
 E  -  Equality
 E -  Excellence