We still live in a world in which a significant fraction of people, including women, believe that a woman belongs and wants to belong exclusively in the home.

Rosalyn Sussman

Strategic Directions connect the Mission to the Vision by identifying what are the key activities that need to be performed in order to achieve the Vision.  They define what WEM-International is intending to accomplish both programmatically and organizationally.  Strategic Directions are broad categories – non-measurable and continuous.

The following are the four (4) long-term, general and continuous strategic areas in which the effort of WEM-International will be directed and which will connect WEM-International’s Mission to its Vision:


Strategic Direction No. 1

Development the institutional capacity of WEM-International

Strategic Direction No. 1 focuses on ensuring there is the capacity of WEM-International to effectively and efficiently achieve its mandate and Mission.  It includes determining the governance of the Association, as well as establishing and securing the structure, management and administration of the Association, including the establishment of the Secretariat for the Association.  It also includes formally registering the association; securing a physical location; creating a conducive and modern environment in which to undertake the aims and objectives of the Association; establishing an organizational structure for the administration; and ensuring professional and adequate human resources to fulfill the mandate of the Association.


Strategic Direction No. 2

Development of programming for WEM-International

Developing unique programming is essential to enable the Association to achieve its objectives; it is also integral to obtaining membership by providing a value added proposition for membership. Gender-specific programming provides a strong and collective voice for gender equality globally and in particular in electoral processes and EMBs.

WEM-International has the opportunity to develop and become a leader in gender-specific programming.

WEM also has an important educational role in terms of educating Parliaments, EMBs and the public on the importance of involving women in senior levels and in decision-making at all levels of election administrations and processes.  The Association can serve as an advocate to push for greater accountability and action on gender equality within EMBs and electoral processes.

The Association can also serve as resource for gender-sensitizing EMBs and establishing international standards, including principles of Gender Equality Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) in EMBs and electoral processes.


Strategic Direction No. 3

Development of membership of WEM-International

Membership is integral to the success of the organization from both an institutional and financial perspective.  Strong membership provides a strong, credible voice for the Association and ensures sustainability of the Association. 

A mapping of existing national, regional and international associations is integral to understanding the current landscape and further establishing the niche of WEM-International and the value added that the Association will provide.

Defining membership benefits and providing initiatives for attracting and retaining members is integral to the success of the Association.


Strategic Direction No. 4

Ensure the sustainability of WEM-International

Financial sustainability is integral to enable the Association to undertake its aims and objectives and become a strong voice for gender equality.  While initially WEM-International could attract new and additional donor support, the association needs to define how it will become self-sustaining.  Sustainability can include donor support, government support, private sector support and member support through membership fees; but a financial development plan needs to be developed along with a budget.